Feel lost…..

Just another morning in the city of dreams….mumbai! The normal hustle bustle of buses, kids going to school,people going to offices. And here i am doing nothing at all! Aims as high as a flying bird but opportunity and freedom of that of a handicapped person. I wish i could do sumthing.i wish i could just go out n explore the opportunities.life somtimes is so difficult for indian girls. 

When i see girls living their life the way they want to a part of me feels happy atleast sumone out there is doing what they want and yes a part of me dies a lil death inside because i will never even get to experience how that feels. 

I may have every possible material happiness at my service but what makes me happy is “my freedom”which is what i may not get to live.

I wish i could do sumthing to change this…

-thought of many indian girls